Children in Hospital Ireland places great importance on ensuring volunteers are supported and valued. The CIH strategic plan lists among its 6 priorities “to continue to support, value and appreciate those who volunteer their time and talents to enable CIH carry out its work.”

CIH has a responsibility to its volunteers to:

  • Provide well-defined role descriptions setting out clear expectations and boundaries.
  • Organise regular training and meetings for volunteers.
  • Provide up-to-date child protection and health and safety training
  • Maintain recruitment, selection, training and supervisory procedures of the highest standard for all volunteers with secure and adequate records.
  • Foster and safeguard a positive and safe volunteer environment.

Additional supports include:

  • Each Volunteer will have a dedicated Team Leader to connect with and to help manage any questions or concerns.
  • If you are unable to reach your Team Leader, please feel free to contact Elizabeth Morrin – Volunteer Manager at 087-794291 or Emma Barrett – Volunteer Coordinator at 087-6990950.
  • Please engage with your WhatsApp group and get to know your fellow volunteers and to share your
  • All our volunteers will receive a bi-monthly newsletter with updated information on what is going on with the organisation.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Day – each year CIH will organise a get together of all our volunteers to show our appreciation for all the work that our volunteers do, as well as opportunities to get together socially at the end of each year. Regular trainings and workshops led by CIH staff or outside experts will be offered
  • Team meetings for all volunteers in a hospital or shift will be organised at least once per year to formally gather, share feedback with the volunteer manager, address questions, and share ideas. Informal get togethers are encouraged and supported by team leaders.
  • CIH can provide letters of reference to volunteers who have been actively volunteering for 6 months or more.

CIH welcomes a diversity of volunteers, and actively works to create a volunteer team that reflects the communities we live in.

The volunteer policy is a public document which is available on our website and which covers the following areas:

  • Recruitment and Selection of Volunteers
  • Supporting Volunteers
  • Volunteer Management Procedures
  • Volunteer Support and Recognition

Click here for a full version of the Volunteer Policy.