Children in Hospital Ireland (CIH) welcome many of the measures introduced in Budget 2022. We also renew our call for increased investment in primary care, mental health services, and the provision of targeted supports for parents of children in hospital. Swift implementation of the commitments contained within the budget is now required.

Children in Hospital Ireland (CIH) Budget 2022 Analysis (click to view)

We welcome

  • Domiciliary care allowance and carer’s allowance to be paid for up to six months when a child is in hospital, rising from three months.
  • Free GP care for six and seven year olds.
  • Expanded GP access to diagnostics, to reduce waiting lists and promote early intervention.
  • Creation of two additional CAMHS hubs.
  • Increases in the earnings and capital disregards to qualify for Carer’s Allowance.

We renew our call for

  • A new social protection payment to support parents with the non-medical financial costs associated with the prolonged and/or repeated hospital care of a child.
  • Access to Domiciliary Care Allowance for children who require hospitalisation from birth
  • Extension of entitlement to Domiciliary Care Allowance to those aged sixteen and seventeen.
  • Adequate provision of psycho-social support to children and their families throughout the engagement with the healthcare system.
  • Removal of hospital parking charges for parents of children in hospital.
  • Free access to GP and primary care for all children.

To read our full Budget 2022 analysis click the link below

Children in Hospital Ireland (CIH) Budget 2022 Analysis