Letter to the Editor – Children’s Mental Health Services


The article Laws 'must state no children will be admitted to adult mental health facilities' (Irish Examiner, December 1) is a timely reminder of the need for increased investment in mental health services for children and young people. Click here to read the full letter to the Editor from Children in Hospital Ireland (CIH).

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Supports for Volunteers


Children in Hospital Ireland places great importance on ensuring volunteers are supported and valued. The CIH strategic plan lists among its 6 priorities “to continue to support, value and appreciate those who volunteer their time and talents to enable CIH carry out its work.” CIH has a responsibility to its volunteers to: Provide well-defined role descriptions setting out clear expectations and boundaries. Organise regular training and meetings for volunteers. Provide up-to-date child protection and health and safety training Maintain recruitment, selection, training and supervisory procedures of the highest standard for all volunteers with secure and adequate records. Foster and [...]

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