It is important that all volunteers look after themselves whilst volunteering in a hospital environment and are vigilant regarding issues that may affect themselves and the safety of children during their shift.

Please see below guidelines which will need to be adhered to in relation to health and safety:

Hand Hygiene – hand washing is the single most important measure preventing the transmission of infection.

    • Hands must be washed both before and after working in the hospital wards and other areas and after visiting the toilet.
    • Please make sure to regularly use the hand hygiene dispensers throughout the hospital, at the entrances into the hospital and at the Ward entrances.
    • Before a volunteer begins their shift, they must ensure the following:
      • Arms are bare below the elbows and no nail polish, jewellery or watches
    • Follow the WHO 5 moments of hand hygiene.
    • All volunteers must complete the Hand Hygiene course on as part of their training to become a volunteer and renew this annually.

Personal protective equipment – e.g., gloves, disposable apron, face mask – are used only if working with children who are in isolation wards or rooms or in accordance with COVID19 risk reduction protocols.

    • Working in such areas occurs only under the guidance of the nursing staff who will indicate what precautions, including protective equipment, will be required.
    • All volunteers must complete the PPE course on as part of their training to become a volunteer.

Playroom equipment:

    • Toys should be cleaned regularly with the hospital’s specific guidance.
    • Toys that are not clean should not be put back into the cupboard.
    • Toys and games which have been damaged must be disposed of.
    • Playdough should be single use. Other items may be single use depending on if the child is isolation, or other hospital guidelines.
    • Soft toys and stuffed toys should be only used with the child that owns it, or given brand new as a single use item for the child to keep.

In Addition:

  • Food and drinks are not permitted in play environments.
  • All falls or incidents should be reported to the nurse on duty.
  • Any spills of play materials should be cleaned up without delay; in the case of a medical/bodily incident the nursing staff should be alerted immediately.
  • Play materials should be monitored for damage on a regular basis in coordination with the full team of volunteers, and the play specialist wherever possible.
  • Volunteers must not go to the hospital if they have any infection, a cold, sore throat or generally feeling unwell; as that might compromise the wellbeing of a child. Please notify the Team Leader and stay at home until fully recovered.
  • Insurance – CIH insures all our volunteers whilst volunteering in the hospital for your designated shift only. It is up to each volunteer to ensure that they have updated motor insurance if driving to and from the hospital.