• Seasons Greetings Heather McKay Christmas Card 2021 Merry Christmas Heather McKay Christmas Card 2021
    Heather McKay's beautifully illustrated Christmas cards for 2021 in partnership with Children in Hospital Ireland. Each pack comes with 6 cards with assorted designs. If you have any issues with the ordering process, please get in touch at info@childreninhospital.ie   Thank you!
  • During the summer of 2020, Fighting Words and Great Lighthouses of Ireland launched the Young Storykeepers initiative. What followed was an incredible influx of stories, poems, illustrations, comic strips, song lyrics and even stop-motion animations.
  • Children in Hospital Ireland is a membership organisation and its members play an essential role in its activities and development. To become a member or renew your membership simply click here to register and pay your €10.00 membership fee.


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