Code of Conduct

Children in Hospital Ireland volunteers are expected to abide by the policies and procedures adopted by the organisation and to act in a way that reflects its ethos.

The code of conduct covers the following areas and prior to be placed in a hospital, a volunteer needs to review and agree to adhering to the code.

  • Standards of behaviour
  • Supervision
  • Confidentiality
  • Infection control
  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • Representation of Children in Hospital Ireland

Gross Misconduct

In line with the code of conduct there are some behaviours or actions that are unacceptable to Children in Hospital Ireland and are classed as a gross misconduct. A volunteer is deemed to have committed gross misconduct if they fail to adhere to any Children in Hospital Ireland processes and procedures, policies and the code of conduct. This includes the safeguarding and confidentiality policies.

It is important to point out, the abuse of anyone you are in contact with because of your volunteering with children in hospital Ireland is classified as gross misconduct and unacceptable behaviour. Abuse can include: physical abuse (hitting, slapping or restraining a person), sexual abuse (rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, grooming, sexting or child pornography), verbal/emotional abuse (shouting, using words to frighten someone or using inappropriate language), psychological abuse (verbal aggression, threats and insults, intimidation, harassment and stalking), financial abuse (theft, fraud, scamming and coercion), and/or cultural abuse (belittling of beliefs, practices and traditions, racism, homophobia and transphobia).

We know these examples of abuse seem extreme and we know and trust that all volunteers will treat each other with respect in all their actions.

Click here for a full version of the Code of Conduct.