Leadership Opportunities

Team Leaders

What is the role?

Team Leaders help to build a sense of team amongst volunteers in your hospital or shift by leading inductions for new volunteers, are a contact person for volunteers with questions or concerns, and help to share information from CIH and bring feedback and ideas from your team to the volunteer manager.

What are the benefits?

  • Get more involved in the organisation overall – with team leaders attending team leader meetings with volunteers from other hospitals.
  • Meet and get to know your fellow local volunteers.
  • Step into a support role and develop leadership skills in a positive and supportive environment. Skills training and personal development included in Team Leader Training days annually.

What is the additional commitment required?

  • In addition to your regular 2-hour volunteer shift, Team Leaders give a small amount of time weekly or monthly to check in on their volunteers informally and to ensure availability.
  • Communication with the volunteer manager happens occasionally throughout the year with 2 formal meetings/trainings annually.
  • The largest additional time commitment would be the support and induction of new volunteers for a period of a number of weeks each year. A co-team leader, or the support of experienced volunteers on your team can help share this responsibility.
  • If you want to become a Team Leader – please contact Elizabeth Morrin, Volunteer Manager at elizabeth@childreninhospital.ie or at call 087-794291.

Welcoming Volunteers

What is the Role?

In addition to team leaders or deputy team leaders, there is always a need for volunteers to assist with settling in new volunteers, giving inductions, or partnering with new volunteers during their early shifts to build confidence and comfort levels. This is a newly developing role, with the hope of having a Welcome Team in every hospital.

What are the benefits?

  • Get to know your fellow local volunteers.
  • Take on a supportive role for skill building and personal development.
  • Participate in actively creating a team and community in your hospital and with your peers.
  • Engage in the social side of volunteering!

What is the Commitment?

Following the recruitment of new volunteers, Welcoming Volunteers would offer to volunteer for a few additional shifts with new volunteers as support, assist team leaders with inductions, and help create a welcoming environment in the WhatsApp or team. This may lead to a few busy weeks per year, but with the volunteers giving only what they can.

How to Get Involved

  • Speak to your team leader to find out more about the role.
  • Contact the volunteer manager to join in the next team leader meeting, tip your toe in the water and help in a small way, or to jump right in.

If you want to become a Team Leader or Welcoming Volunteer – please contact Elizabeth Morrin, Volunteer Manager at elizabeth@childreninhospital.ie or at call 087-794291.