Making a Difference

At the heart of CIH’s work is its play service which is now available to children in 14 hospitals throughout the country. With a focus on everyday play for every child.  CIH is the only charity managing a voluntary service of this kind in Irish hospitals. By providing engaging and supportive play in wards, playrooms, emergency departments and outpatient departments, CIH volunteers nurture curiosity and creativity and provide distraction from the stress of being in hospital.

Over 8,000 children supported in a 6 month period of September 2019 through February 2020.

Over 500 volunteers providing play and respite services in 14 paediatric units.

Approximately 145 families were supported per week in CHI @ Temple St Outpatients Department from 28th October 2020.

Between March and December 2020 119 boxes with approximately 10,000 isolation play packs or play resources were sent to 21 hospitals with paediatric wards in Ireland.