What We Do

Play Volunteers

You will see our play volunteers in their red t-shirts and tabards in the playrooms, on the wards or in the emergency & outpatients departments. Our play volunteers facilitate child led play activities and help create a safe environment for children visiting the hospital.  The volunteer play service focuses on play for plays sake, supporting the medical and therapeutic work of play specialists, nurses, and the many other medical team members working with children. In addition, play volunteers offer an opportunity for parents to take a break during long and difficult hospital days.

Just Ask Volunteers

Families travel from all over Ireland to attend hospital with their sick children.  They can arrive exhausted from their long journey, stressed from trying to find parking and worried about the location of their appointment in a vast hospital. The JustAsk volunteers in CHI @ Crumlin Hospital create a positive and welcoming environment for children and their families as they enter and navigate the hospital.  The aim is to reduce stress for families and to provide a welcoming and child friendly service.


Children in Hospital Ireland has initiated discussions and worked with hospitals, the Department of Health and Children, and the public – particularly the parents of sick children – to effect change through education on the needs of the hospitalised child. The organisation participates in relevant consultation processes and regularly makes submissions to inform development of services, policy and legislation. Children in Hospital Ireland also facilitates the Network of Childhood Illness Organisations to help advocate for families experiencing hospitalisation.


Children in Hospital Ireland works with families on any difficulties or concerns they may have before, during and after a child’s stay in hospital. We have many years’ experience working with parents and we know how difficult a child’s hospitalisation is for all the family.

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