Why Play is needed? 

  • Play is a necessary part of every child’s life; it is how they can learn, enjoy and express themselves and is vital to children’s development; it is the way that children learn about the world around them.
  • Being in a hospital setting can have an impact not only on the child but on the family unit and can cause some anxiety and stress due to being in an unfamiliar environment.  Due to this a child can struggle with their emotions and can feel sad about missing family and friends.
  • Therefore, play is especially important when a child is in hospital as it can help them feel more secure and creates a distraction from feelings of being tired, stressed or overwhelmed.

Making an Impact

  • When a child is able to play whilst being treated in hospital, this has been recognised as making a big difference for positive health and well-being.
  • Play is really important for their recovery as it is reassuring and familiar, enabling children to express their feelings and deal with their anxieties.
  • Being playful with a child brings a sense of fun and laughter and can distract them from their worries and feelings of loneliness about being in hospital.
  • Children and young people learn and develop through engaging in fun play activities that they enjoy.